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W E B M O N E Y       S O U T H - A S I A N


I'm Andrey Mitin, WEBMONEY REGISTRAR in Pattaya, Thailand.

With my assistance, every WebMoney user located in Pattaya, or generally in the South Asian region (Thailand, Birma, Laos, etc.) is able to obtain a personal WebMoney passport, and commence online businesses, various trades, enjoying all opportunities to increase cash-inflow that the status of a personal WebMoney passport holder permits!

There are many privileges granted to such holders, and they are not limited to the following:

  • To incorporate Internet-based enterprise or becoming an investor/partner at the (with statutory rights to participate in all activities on these fast-growing money-making websites!);
  • To make use of instant online credit exchange: Giving and receiving online credits;
  • To organize online shop/store with instant receiving of payments;
  • To develop online electronic currencies exchange;
  • To easily tune your existing facilities in receiving online and offline WebMoney payments;
  • To issue your own money via Paymer tool;
  • To pick up a chance of getting special bank cards with instant cash-out at ATM’s world over;
  • And many, many other stanning possibilities..

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